Wegen Brisanz GELÖSCHT !!! Bürgerkrieg in Italien!

Die Adresse european-news-agency.de/special_interest/migrationswelle_buergerkrieg_in_italien-68778/ war um 15:40 Uhr nur noch im Google Cache erreichbar. Deshalb habe ich eine Kopie gespeichert, um den Inhalt zugänglich zu machen:

28. August 2017 11:26 Uhr | Andreas Haas & Jonas Philipp - Migrationswelle: Bürgerkrieg in Italien

Ganz naiv gefragt: warum?

Gelöscht wurde gemessen an den Besucherzahlen der Artikel der Woche und sogar der Artikel des Monats. Die Bildschirmkopie belegt es: "Bürgerkrieg ITA". Was geht da vor?

Refugees and riot police clash in Rome

24. August 2017 | Italian riot police have clashed with refugees occupying a square in Rome, using water cannon to douse their possessions. The refugees fought back, launching objects at officers, and trying to hit them with sticks. Police said they intervened because of reports that protesters planned to use gas canisters and Molotov cocktails, and officers claim they were hit by bottles, rocks and pepper spray.

Mob of Migrants vs Soldiers in Naples, Italy

7. August 2017 | Like if you're against illegal and mass migration. Dislike if you're a leftard. * Naples, Italy - A mob of illegal migrants surround and attack soldiers who were doing a control check on another migrant. Sadly their mob tactic worked in preventing the soldiers from completing their task. The migrant was dragged away by one of his peers. This is bound to happen when you let in uncivilized people who don't respect the rule of law.

Street Battle Between Italian Vendors and African Migrants

19. Juli 2017 | Catania, Italy - Battle between two factions of vendors at a street market: one made up of Italians and the other of African migrants. It's unknown what started the fight. African migrants in Italy, Muslim migrants, refugees, migrant crisis, migrants in Europe, mass Muslim immigration, Islamization, Islamic invasion of Europe.